The blower-tec-performance spectrum

Air leakage measurements used already for more than 20 years in the housing, to verify by checking their air tightness on the compliance of each standards - in particular the energy saving regulation - building.

So far, it was not possible to check large buildings such as warehouses, supermarkets, swimming pools and administrative buildings on the compliance with the statutory provisions, as were the customary units unable to build up the required pressure.

For this reason, we have developed units, where it is possible to up to a million m³/h promote air. To locate existing leaks we can blow fog to the same extent in buildings to be measured.

With our expertise, we give you solutions for the following tasks:

  • Investigation of building damage such as mold growth dew point,
      condensation, corrosion of steel and wood rot in the field by penetrations.
  • Investigation of draughts and health harmful indoor climate.
  • Improved residual service life of buildings.
  • Development of property and income.
  • Efficiency E.g. by optimized heating energy demand.
  • Compliance with legal requirements for new buildings.
  • Compliance with standards and rules of technology, workplace guidelines.
  • Assistance in building approvals and warranty issues.

Support and control of defect elimination measures

  • Construction-related engineering services to ensure the correct defects and cost control
  • Development of targeted solutions to optimize time of defect elimination measures

Preparation of reports and documentation

  • Development and creation of technical advice on the conservation status of the
      airtightness of the building envelope
  • Submission of building documentation and quality reports
  • Creating quality certificates for presentation at an upcoming change of use or ownership
  • Check the heat demand calculation on air tightness

Participation to the enforcement of legal interests

  •  Limitation of responsibilities
  •  Determining possible damage equipment on buildings
  •  Determining possible damage amounts for operational / consumption costs
  •  Cost estimate for the rectification
  •  Cost estimation of future increased energy costs
  •  Definition of the timeframe and the effort to eliminate recognised shortcomings

Checking for leaks before removing

  • Reversal of burden of proof
  • Prevention of overpayments due to detected defects
  • Shortening the time frame for the rectification
  • Reducing the costs of removal of defects

Reimbursement of court and expert determination

  • Our opinion is refunded via Court-known expert on damage to buildings
  • Our technical opinion on the airtightness of buildings are useable in court
      and eligible as evidence

Insurance-economic services

  • Smoke from buildings after a fire
  • Vacuum generation for oil damage to ensure the further usability of buildings
  • Check the tightness of fire walls and sections
  • Simulation of large-scale fire situations in tunnels, industrial plants,
      subway stations and other complex building systems.

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